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  Cubacar / Transtur offers you a mandatory full risk insurance (with a certain amount of excess), which covers:
  • car damages caused by collision or fire
  • partial or total theft
  • damages caused to third persons (limit - see below)
  • damages to driver or other persons inside the vehicle.

You can find the rates for the insurance, as well as the excess which differ depending on the category and which are payable in Cuba, in the Rate Sheet.

Third Party Insurance Coverage
Legal limits for liable responsibility against damages to third party for any of the damages coverage: damages against damages to other people’s properties because of an accident, until 15.000,- CUC. Corporal injury or death of a person until 5.000,- CUC. Corporal Injury or death of more than one person as a result of an accident, limited per person of 5.000,- CUC but only until 25.000,- CUC in total.

We recommend to get an insurance which covers more than the offical third party insurance coverage. Please check with your own car insurance, whether a rental car third party insurance is included. You might also be informed by your official automobile club in your country.


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