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FAQ - Cuba Car EN

FAQ frequently asked questions

Covid19 / Corona information

11MAY20, 15.30h CET

We are here for you! However, we are currently only available via email. Employee health comes first – that’s why we work in the home office.

Cuba has put in place a temporary entry stop, which came into effect on March 24th, 2020. This entry stop was extended due to medical security reasons.

If a rental car is cancelled or not offered anymore by the responsible rental company, we will contact you as soon as possible if your booking is affected. This currently only includes bookings made until May 28, 2020. From May 29, 2020, all bookings are still available.

In general, if you cancel on your own initiative, you will incur cancellation costs. The cancellation policy and the responsible service provider can be found in your offer as well as on your invoice / confirmation.

Please only send cancellation in writing to us – an email is sufficient.

The date of receipt of the cancellation is decisive. No (further) reimbursements can be given retrospectively.

General information: car rental bookings are a mediated individual service. The E.U. Package travel law does not apply here.

On our own behalf: goodwill regulations are entirely at our expense. We are already working for you free of charge, because in the case of reimbursements, part of our earnings for work already done will be returned to you. Nevertheless, be assured that we will do everything we can for our customers.

Since no forecasts can be made at the moment because the situation changes unpredictably and quickly, we can unfortunately only ever react.

Thank you for your kind understanding, your trust & please stay healthy!

You will receive current and well-founded information / figures, among other things. at:

W.H.O. world health organisation actual situation worldwide


You will receive a phone number from the rental company at the pick-up location, which should be contacted in the case of an accident.

A police protocol is necessary for the insurance company.

Additional driver

The additional driver is only registered during the completion of the rental agreement on site. We do not require any information or names for the booking.

You can find the insurance cost for the extra driver in your offer, which can vary from rental agency to category.

Airport fees

Costs incurred at pick-up / drop-off at the airport are a one time and maximum charge of CUC 20.

Arrival details

The rental agency requires your arrival details, meaning your flight number, arrival date, where on Cuba you will land and from which location you departed. No car will be confirmed without this information.

These details are especially important when renting a car at the airport straight after arrival. In case of your flight is delayed the rental agency knowns you will arrive later.

See under pick-up after arrival at the airport

Automatic transmission

Havanautos/Transtur and Gaviota offer cars with automatic transmission. These are slightly more expensive than vehicles with manual transmission of the same category.

Automobile Collision Insurance / CDW

The fully comprehensive insurance is obligatory. The amount per day varies from agency to agency / category. You can find the exact amount in your offer.

The obligatory fully comprehensive insurance (see above) covers the following:

  • Damage of the car as a result of an accident or fire
  • Theft (of car parts or the entire vehicle / exception: tires, exterior mirrors, windscreen wipers, radio-/CD player)
  • Damage and injury of third parties (limit see below)
  • Damage and injury of the driver and all occupants

Legally required liability insurance for rental cars on Cuba:

The statutory limit for damage of third persons in case of damage of property of third parties in an accident is CUC 15.000 , for injury or death of third parties CUC 5.000,- per person. For multiple people the sum is limited to CUC 25.000. The damage cannot be declared at the insurance company without a police report.

See under liability insurance increase

Booked Accommodation

Random controls are carried out at entry to Cuba, inspecting if you pre-booked the first three nights of your stay. It is important to be able to present a booking reference or a voucher.


Send the signed and thoroughly completed booking order (the last pages of the offer) by fax or scanned/photographed by email to our office.

You can gather the details from the email with your offer.

Booking order

We require the signed and completed booking offer. Here you can make amendments to the original offer.

See under booking.


Changes/cancellations must be passed on in writing to us (fax, email). The entry of the request during our office hours counts.
You can not claim for any reimbursment when you failed to cancel.

A change in booking signifies a cancellation and a new booking. Name changes cannot be made.

Change of booking/cancellation conditions and penatlies:

  • Change of pick-up / drop-off time (without changing the duration of the lease term or the location): € 30
  • Cancellation/change in booking up to 28 days before pick-up: 20% of the rental charge
  • Cancellation/change in booking up to 15 days before pick-up: 40% of the rental charge
  • Cancellation/change in booking up to 3 days before pick-up: 50% of the rental charge
  • Cancellation/change in booking from 3 days or less before pick-up : 100%
  • Partial reimbursement is not possible

The rental car can be dropped off at any time before the agreed date (during the opening times). However, there will be no partial reimbursement for that.

Category and type of cars

The categories and subsequent examples can be found on the website or the offer.

Cuba only confirms categories not specific type of cars.

See under automatic transmission / cross country vehicle 4 x 4 / diesel vehicle

Change of booking

See under cancellation

Changing Money

Cash money can be changed in bureaux de change, CADEACAs or banks.

CUCs can still be exchanged back at the airport before departure.

Chauffeur / Driver

The service of a rental car with a chauffeur is not available on Cuba

Child’s seat

Children’s seats are not obligatory on Cuba and are therefore not easily available.

A children’s seat can be passed on as a customer request and will be fulfilled according to availability. A confirmation from Cuba will not be made. If available, the charge for a children’s seat is approximately CUC 5 per day.

We recommend bringing a children’s seat from Germany, which can then be used as safe children’s seat on the airplane as well as in the car. Due to being seen as ‘unnecessary luxury items’ on Cuba, it is difficult or highly expensive to purchase them on site.


See under rental agreement

Credit card

Payment of the rental fare by credit card is unfortunately not possible, not even after further inquiry.

Payment of cost on site:

The obligatory insurance and the one-way rental fees can be paid by credit card. The deposit can only be paid in cash, except for when you pick-up and

drop-off the vehicle in the same location.

You are not able to pay with American credit cards or cards, such as American Express, or issued by American banks, such as Citibank.

See under payment

CUC / Currency

The currency valid for tourists on Cuba is CUC (Peso Convertible). 1 CUC equals 1 US$.

If you want to change US$ or desire to pay in US$, a fee of 10% applies, meaning you lose about 10% of the value.

All costs on Cuba in the offer are indicated in CUC. The rental price is paid in Germany. Therefore, the amount is in Euro.

See under changing money


The amount of the deposit / guarantee can be found in your offer. The deposit can only be paid in cash.

Upon return of the car in the same condition you will receive the deposit back in cash. You can exchange the returned deposit even at the airport on departure back into EUR.

Diesel Vehicle

Diesel vehicles cannot be booked.

The request for a diesel vehicle can be forwarded if so wished but will not be confirmed.

See under category and type of car.

Dispatch of Documents

The travel documents are sent via email after we have received the remaining payment or the proof of payment. This action is not carried out until 3 weeks before departure.

Tourist cards are sent as registered letter by mail. You are going to receive an email with the shipping transaction number and the link to track the shipment.

Driving at Night

Due to a lack of streetlights you should refrain from driving at night.

Driving Permit

The original drivers licence of the main driver is required.

An international drivers’ licence is not necessary. Your national and valid licence is sufficient.

If the driving permit of the main driver is not at hand, the car cannot be rented.

See under name change / cancellation / minimum age

Drop off charges

See under one way rental fees

Early drop off

The vehicle can be returned at any time, even before the drop-off date (during the opening hours). However, there is no partial refund of the rental price or the insurance.

Entry Requirements

You receive the entry requirements at the Department of Foreign Affairs, the Embassy of Cuba or in our offer.

Controls of adherence to the entry requirements (pre-booking of first nights, proof of health insurance etc.) is carried out randomly at entry.

See under Cuba tourist cards.

Expenses on site

There are always expenses that accrue on site – these cannot be included in the rental price or be paid in advance.

The applicable extra costs that occur on site can be found in your offer.

See under automobile collision insurance / additional driver / one-way rental fee / fuel arrangement / airport fees

Extension on site

In general, the extension of the lease is possible according to local conditions. However, experience and availability have proofed differently.

When you keep the rental car longer than agreed in the contract you will have to pay the extra days along with severe penalties.

In certain circumstances you can contact us in a timely manner and we might be able to help you with an extension.

Fuel arrangement

The vehicle is usually picked-up with a full tank and is returned with an empty tank.

The first tank filling is charged by the rental agency (approximately CUC 55-60 depending on filling capacity).


Full risk insurance

See under Automobile Collision Insurance / CDW


See under navigation systems

Health insurance

Since 2010 it is obligatory to be able to present an overseas health insurance at entry to Cuba.

Controls are only carried out randomly. If you are unable to present a health insurance, you are obligated to take out insurance on the spot. This insurance is more expensive than one taken out in Germany.

See under travel insurance

Help on Site

You receive the contact details of an independent incoming-agency free of charge with your travel documents. They will be able to help you quickly and efficiently on site. Please always refer to that agency for questions. More details are available in your travel documents.

Hotel Delivery

The delivery of a vehicle on Cuba is generally not possible.

See under pick-up and drop-off location


See under automobile collision insurance / health insurance / travel insurance

International Driver’s Licence

See under driving permit


In case of irregularities please immediately contact the rental agency and/or the independent incoming agency. Detailed behavioural guidelines can be found in your travel documents.

See under help on site

Liability insurance increase

We highly recommend concluding an additional liability insurance in Germany, the ‘traveller police’ (rental car liability insurance).

You will receive the service-information with the offer or the travel documents, where you can then get the traveller police.

Ask your local automobile club or car insurance. Sometimes this additional insurance is already included in the liability insurance of your vehicle.

This information is solely a service from Islands and More. Consultation and more information are available from the insurance company.

See under automobile collision insurance

Main Driver

The rental car is booked under one name, the main driver.

The main driver must be present at the vehicle pick-up and drop-off. He/she pays the deposit and carries the responsibility for the car.

See under name change / cancellation / additional driver


In the rental agreement you are going to be informed about the specific mileage at which the maintenance of the car is due.

If you do not comply with this maintenance date, you will be required to pay a penalty fee when dropping off the vehicle. The local rental agency informs you on the amount of the fee.

Clarify the mileage as well as the address of authorised workshops at the pick-up location.


As Google is a North American company, Cuba is certainly not as well measured as other parts of the world. If you are unable to find an address or the hotel is in the sea on your map it might have historical and political reasons.

You can use offline maps to navigate. Watch out for the date of the source.

Furthermore, we offer detailed street maps in four different languages.

Minimum Age

is 25 years for cars, 30 years for vans, minivans and luxury vehicles

For drivers of 21 to 25 years you are required to provide proof of a minimum of one-year driving experience. An additional insurance of CUC 5 per day occurs

Minimum rental period

The continous minimum rental period is:

cars – 5 days
vans/ minivans – 7 days

The vehicle can be returned at any time, even before the drop-off date (during the opening hours). However, there is no partial refund of the rental price or the insurance.


Changing the name of the main driver retroactively is not possible.

Changing the name means to cancel the vehicle reservation on the costumer’s expense and booking a new vehicle under a different name.

See under cancellation

Navigation Systems

Navigation devices are not available on Cuba as they are prohibited.

Special customs regulations (Source: Foreign Office Germany 31.08.18)

… The import of walkie-talkies, satellite telephones and navigation systems are prohibited or requires prior authorisation from the Cuban authorities. This does not include laptops, cameras and mobile phones with GPS function…

The Cuban GPS is the same as in Germany a few years ago: stop and ask.

See under maps


See under pick-up and drop-off locations.

One-way rental fees

In case you do not return the vehicle at the same location as the pick-up location, drop off charges apply.

The amount of the fee can be found in your offer.

Opening times

City offices are open daily from 9am-6pm

Offices in smaller locations are only open during the arranged pick-up / drop-off times. Cubacar/Havanautos/Transtur have a city office which is open 24h a day.

Airport Havana: open 24h a day.

Other airports: depending on arriving/departing flights


The rental price has to be paid to Islands and More. You can pay by

  • Transfer
  • Direct debit authorisation
  • transferwise.com / Western Union etc.

Credit card payments are not accepted

Payment confirmation

Unfortunately, we are unable to confirm the payment for transfers.

In case something did not go accordingly, we are going to be in touch in a timely manner.

Pick-up and Drop-off Locations

Every rental agency offers the possibility to collect and drop-off a rental car. The offices are either located in the hotels or at the airport. In some locations the rental agencies may have their own offices.

If you state where you would like to pick-up the car, we are able to find the nearest possible location.

Addresses on Cuba mirror the location’s description. Street X between Y and Z or on the corner of W. Each street has two names: the pre- and the revolutionary term. This often leads to the same location being indicated as entirely different addresses. However, you won’t experience any difficulties in finding a location. In any case of doubt simply ask at the hotel reception, your Casa or a passer-by.

In case the pick-up or drop-off at your preferred location is not available due to lack of availability, the rental agency reserves the right to confirm a different location in the same town.

See under rental agencies on Cuba / one-way rental fee /opening times / hotel delivery 

Pick-up and drop-off

Please arrive in time at the rental office, approximately 15-30 min. prior to the planned pick-up time

Exception: with pick-up after arrival, passport control and customs, go to the counter of the rental agency in the arrival hall of the airport.

Closely examine the car and where applicable write damages in the rental contract.

When dropping the car off always plan for enough time. Time pressure is an insufficient argument. The check-in time for international flights on Cuba is three hours before departure, for national flights two hours before departure. Arriving late can lead to the loss of right of transportation. Please consider this!

See under rental agreement

Pick-up after arrival at the airport

For pick-up time plan about 90 minutes after scheduled arrival.

See under arrival detail


The network of filling stations is well established by now.

Nevertheless, please refuel in time and don’t wait until there are only a few drops left in the tank, trusting that a filling station is close by.

Please make sure to only refuel with Especial.

Engine damages occur when refuelled with fuel of low quality and with an inadequate octane rating. This with be on cost of the lessee and is not covered by any insurance.

See under diesel vehicle

Rental Day Calculation

24 hours are one rental day

See under voucher / rental prices/ seasons

Rental companies on Cuba

There are three state-owned rental companies. Foreign companies are not represented on Cuba.

Cubacar/havanautos/Transtur: owns the largest fleet and the most vehicles; the main pick-up points are located in Havanna, Varadero, Santiago and Holguin.

Gaviota via Rent a Car: medium sized rental agency, rental locations throughout the country.

REX: small rental agency with just a few locations and no small vehicles.

Rental Agreement

The rental agreement is only concluded with the responsible service provider, the rental agency, on site.

Always keep the copy of your rental agreement as your receipt. In any case take a picture of the rental agreement with your mobile phone.

The rental agreement mentions all payments and costs as well as things such as previous damages of the car.

Rental Fares / Seasons

The season which is valid on the pick-up day will be used for the entire rental period.

It is possible that with graduated prices, 6 or 13 days of lease term are more expensive (even including the on-site insurance) than 7 or 14 days. This is due to the daily fee being less expensive for longer rental periods.

Responsible Service Provider

Island and More works as an intermediary for rental cars. Our agency is not responsible for mishaps on site. The responsible service provider can be in your offer, your invoice/confirmation or the travel documents.

Roadside Assistance

You will receive the phone number of the roadside assistance from the rental agency when you pick-up the vehicle. Please turn to this service in case of a breakdown.

Travel Documents

You require a voucher for picking up the vehicle.

Moreover, the travel documents contain important information and addresses. You should have these documents at hand at all times on Cuba.

See under voucher / dispatch of documents / help on site

Travel Insurance

We recommend taking out travel cancellation insurance and health insurance (obligatory for entry in Cuba). It should contain a return transport in emergencies, either in the form of an insurance package or an individual insurance. In case you already have an insurance, you are able to extend it with the rental fee. We are happy to help with the conclusion of a separate travel insurance.

Traffic Regulations

The European traffic regulations do not apply on Cuban roads. European standards cannot be expected.

Nevertheless, standardised international road signs make driving on Cuba easy.

The regulations for the vehicle’s condition are not comparable to German TÜV standards. For example, children’s seats, belts on the backseat of the car etc. are not compulsory.

Tourist Card (Visa)

Every tourist (even infants) require a tourist card to enter Cuba. The tourist card can be purchased prior to entry with us.

Tourist cards / visa are not subject to the distance selling act and are not refundable or exchangeable.

The tourist card is available at a special price when booking a rental car through us. However, this price is only valid when booking the vehicle simultaneously. The terms and conditions can be found in your offer and the binding booking request.

See under dispatch of documents

Unlimited Mileage

All our offers include unlimited mileage.

Validity of the Offer

The offer is valid for three days and is subject to availability.

The price is guaranteed when you book within three days after the offer, even when there is an increase in price. It happens once in a while that prices increase without warning and that immediately take effect with publication.

Non-binding reservations are not possible with every offer due to logistical reasons. Reservations additionally lead to cancellation fees.


The voucher is the booking confirmation as well as the proof of payment for the rental car.

You are required to present the voucher as a print-out. Without cannot raise a claim for the rental vehicle. In some cases, you even lose the right for reimbursement due to the fact that you must pay 100% of the cancellation fee as of two days before the pick-up date.

It is not sufficient to present the voucher in digital form on your mobile phone.

The voucher is normally issued for the maximum lease term. Nevertheless, you are able to return the vehicle at any time during the opening hours.

We do not generate the voucher ourselves. The vouchers have been accepted in this form for over 16 years on Cuba. We do not have any influence on content and design. Individual wishes cannot be considered.

See under dispatch of documents or travel documents

*status 05.11.2019 | Copying or redistribution is prohibited and requires the approval of islands & more.