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Conditions - Cuba Car EN

Rental Conditions


A booking can only be made up to 3 days before desired rental.


Non-binding reservations are not possible.

calculation of the rental period

The rental period (24 hours = 1 rental day) starts from the rental time according to the time of pick up mentioned in the lease contract and ends at the same time according to the number of rental days.


Only categories and no specific car types will be confirmed. Diesel vehicles or 5-door (Sedan) cannot be booked. The vehicles do not meet European standards, as the safety regulations in Cuba also do not comply with European rules.

opening hours

The office hours are daily from 09h to 18h. The offices at Havana Airport and Varadero are open 24 hours a day. There are a few offices in small places that close earlier. In Havana City there is a 24hour office in Miramar. The employees speak Spanish, a bit of English and sometimes a little German.

driving licence

To be allowed to drive a rental car on Cuba the driver’s own national driving license is sufficient (for example German – also East German – or Austrian, Swiss etc. driver’s license).

child seat

Child seats, which are not mandatory in Cuba, can be specified as a request when booking. A confirmation will not be sent. Child seats are not part of a booking. If a child seat is available, the rent on site costs about 5 CUC per day. If you want to be sure, please bring the child seat (for example Maxicosy) with you.

changes and cancellation

A rebooking is a cancellation and a new booking. Name changes cannot be made any time.
Changes / cancellations must always be sent to us in writing (fax, e-mail, post) – the receipt during our business hours counts.
If the rental car is not cancelled in time before the confirmed and estimated time of pick up, you lose your right to reimbursement.
The rental car can be returned at any time (during opening hours) before the agreed deadline. However, there will be no partial refund.

Rebooking / cancellation policy:

Change of pick up / delivery time (without changing the total rental period or the station): EUR 30
Cancellation / rebooking up to 28 days before rental: 20% of the rental price
Cancellation / rebooking up to 15 days before rental: 40% of the rental price
Cancellation / rebooking up to 3 days before rental: 50% of the rental price
From 3 days before rental 100% – Partial refund is not possible.


You will only get a car on presenting a printed voucher in paper form, as well as a valid national driver’s license. It is not enough to show vouchers on a tablet or mobile phone. Please be sure to take both on your trip!

Vouchers are usually issued with the maximum rental period, even if an earlier delivery has been agreed / booked.

changes made by the rental company

The rental company reserves the right, contrary to the preferred pick up / drop off station, to change it within the same place / city subject to availability. You will be informed right in time. Please check your e-mails again shortly before departure if you have not been notified of a short-term change. Claims for reimbursement of transfers or additional fees cannot be made.

notes on renting / delivery

Please pay attention to the “fine print” when signing the contract on site, such as maintenance at the specified mileage or handling of the first tank filling. Together with the travel documents, you will receive from us as a service free of charge the translated back of a rental agreement so that you can familiarize yourself in advance with the exact details of the rental agreement.

If you cannot pick up the car at the booked time, it is necessary that you clarify it in time with us (during our opening times), with the rental company or the independent incoming agency.

If the car is not picked up on time, you will lose your right to reimbursement/refund (100% cancellation). It a so called no show. This does not apply to renting at an airport after arrival of your flight. The rental company will be notified together with your booking about your flight details, if you have informed us correctly or at all. In the case of a flight delay, the rental companies’ staff will automatically know that you’ll arrive accordingly later.

When renting, but especially when delivering the rental car, you should always have enough time. The booked / confirmed rental time is an estimated pick up time. The rental company may deviate depending on the number of passengers who are renting cars too. A claim for reimbursement, because the rental is not punctual within a reasonable waiting period, cannot be derived from it. If a reasonable waiting time is exceeded, you can submit a copy of the lease immediately after returning home. We will try to receive a partial refund for the waiting time for you.


Islands and More is a broker and is not responsible for the proper provision of on-site services. Complaints and claims must be made directly to the responsible rental company. Please report irregularities immediately, otherwise you may lose the right to reduction or compensation (§651 o BGB). Of course, we are happy to help you quickly and without any bureaucracy, as far as possible. We always need (!) the copy of the rental contract, all necessary documents, as well as a short and point-like description of the process. If a car exceptionally not be available despite confirmation, we also need a short confirmation from the rental company, that confirms it to get the quick refund for you. With the travel documents you will receive from us as a free service the contact details of an independent incoming agency on site with German and English-speaking staff who are happy to help you with difficulties or problems. Even if you speak the Spanish language well, it is advisable to contact this agency immediately. This simplifies and shortens, if necessary, the processing time for recourse claims.